Peeps glasses cleaner

Peeps glasses cleaner

I laughed when my husband was telling me about these but I had to eat crow because they really do work! We only use sunglasses at our house since no once needs eyeglasses and we strictly buy cheap ones, so maybe these aren’t practical for more expensive uses. I think they’re a handy item to have around, how about you? Find them on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Do these Peeps keep your glasses sparkling clean?


Barkeeper’s Friend

Barkeeper's Friend

Up until a few months ago I had never heard of Bar Keepers Friend and now I hear about it ALL the time! Maybe I’ve been living under a rock and this product is a no-brainer, but I can’t wait to try it out. It’s also very reasonably priced and available on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Do you use Barkeeper's Friend to clean everything?


Rubbermaid Reveal

Rubbermaid reveal

People seem to be loving this powerful little scrubber, which has been described as “an electric toothbrush on steroids”. It seems particularly useful for baseboards, grout and hard to reach areas where a good clean is required – without all the elbow grease. It’s also very reasonably priced for the cleaning power it provides so it has made its way to my shopping list! Let us know what you think, or check them out on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Has the Rubbermaid Reveal made a big difference for you?


Claw Caps

Claw caps

I have used these and I am a HUGE fan!!! My cat kept clawing the couch but she’d also sometimes wake me up at night by accidentally clawing my arm while trying to sneak under the covers. De-clawing was out of the question and this problem frustrated me for YEARS until she woke me up in the middle of the night with an accidental scratching and I thought that I wish there were caps one could glue on to their claws. Then I realized that such a thing must already exist or that I had finally thought of a worthwhile invention! Unfortunately for me, it was already invented but I’m still happy that I get to save my furniture and sleep better at night.

I definitely recommend them – and you can use them for dogs as well if they’re scratching your hardwood. The only downside is that some people assume you’re a crazy cat lady who paints your cat’s nails. If that doesn’t bother you, check them out on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Have these claw caps made a difference for you?


Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy

Hide a squirrel

We got a puppy recently and she’s been pretty good, all things considered. However, she is only five months old and is easy bored so she gets into things that she shouldn’t. I’ve been researching toys that keep dogs and puppies busy and this one seems like a real winner! I wish I had found this before I bought the multi pack of toys that my puppy ignores, but I’m thinking of getting this one too. If you have one, let me know what you think..if you’re interested in getting one like I am, check them out on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Dose this hide a squirrel toy keep your pooch busy for a long time?


Decorative Window Clings

decorative window clings

I love these decorative window clings! One thing I love the most is that they are clings and not stickers so they can be removed easily without any horrible residue. I really love the way they look on kitchen cupboards and they have a bunch of different colors and patterns, plus they block UV rays – check them out on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Do you love these decorative window clings?


EMF Stickers

EMF Stickers

These intrigue me! I do have a tendency to worry about things needlessly, however one thing I do think about is how much time me and my family are exposed to harmful radiation. These stickers claim to release negative ions which neutralize EMF radiation produced by our devices, making them much safer. While I am skeptical, I also don’t see any harm in using them, and heck, hopefully they do help so I would like to give them a try! Check them out on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Have you noticed a difference using these EMF Stickers on your devices?


Toy Storage Bin With Play Mat

Toy storage

I need one of these….correction – I need at least ten to twenty of these and then maybe my hopes of having the kid’s toys organized may finally come true! I love the built in play mat and that they can just lift it up and magically clean up their toys. I can also see these being good in day cares and schools. Let us know what you think and check them out on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Do these Toy Storage Bags keep your house organized?



Bottletop Baster

Bottletop baster

Well Mother’s Day is behind us and now we need to start thinking about Father’s Day. Luckily for me, my husband loves to grill so that gives me a lot of options and this is on the list! They’re available on Amazon here (Canadian link) Let me know if you or your significant other loves this!

Does this Bottletop Baster make grilling more efficient?


Palm Tree Splash Pad

Splash pad

You may have noticed a common thread on this site which involves keeping kids busy! Luckily the weather is getting nicer and we can boot the little angels outside so I’m thinking of investing in this items to keep them there! It looks like a ton of fun and since we can’t go to our local spray park (Covid), I’m crossing my fingers that this will be a reasonable substitute. Find it on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Does this Palm Tree Splash Pad keep your kids cool and having fun?