Claw Caps

Claw caps

I have used these and I am a HUGE fan!!! My cat kept clawing the couch but she’d also sometimes wake me up at night by accidentally clawing my arm while trying to sneak under the covers. De-clawing was out of the question and this problem frustrated me for YEARS until she woke me up in the middle of the night with an accidental scratching and I thought that I wish there were caps one could glue on to their claws. Then I realized that such a thing must already exist or that I had finally thought of a worthwhile invention! Unfortunately for me, it was already invented but I’m still happy that I get to save my furniture and sleep better at night.

I definitely recommend them – and you can use them for dogs as well if they’re scratching your hardwood. The only downside is that some people assume you’re a crazy cat lady who paints your cat’s nails. If that doesn’t bother you, check them out on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Have these claw caps made a difference for you?