Tick protection

Permethrin              Tick Tornado


I hate ticks – BIG TIME, they’re creepy and transmit diseases like Lyme disease which doesn’t sound like any fun at all. I’m constantly terrified in the summer since finding some in the yard and even a few in the house. After doing some research, I’ve decided that a chemical called permethrin is the product for me! It’s what they use for scabies and lice and is much less toxic than DEET. It also kills the ticks instead of simply repelling them which is a huge perk for me! This spray, available on Amazon here (unfortunately it is not available in Canada yet) will last on clothes for six weeks (or six washes), doesn’t stain, is odourless and safe to be sprayed on dogs (though it is very toxic to cats!). If you do find that a tick has penetrated this defence and you discover one embedded on you or your pet, quick removal is important and this Tick Tornado product removes them quickly and effectively. Find them on Amazon here (Canadian link)

Is permethrin your choice for tick protection?

Does your Tick Tornado remove ticks with ease?